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Black-Box Characterization of the effects of laser pulses on ATmeg328P
by Dilip S V Kumar, Arthur Beckers, Josep Balasch, Benedikt Gierlichs, Ingrid Verbauwhede

Challenges in securing industrial IoT and critical infrastructure
by Brecht Wyseur

A systematic study of the impact of graphical models on onference-based attacks on AES
by Joey Green, Elisabeth Oswald and Arnab Roy

Scalable Key Rank Estimation Algorithm for Large Keys
by Vincent Grosso

Security specifications for the hardware / software interface
by Frank Piessens

Improving Side-chanel Analysis though Semi-supervised Learning
by Stjepan Picek, Annelie Heuser, Alan Jovic, Karlo Knezevic, Tania Richmond, Axel Legay

Non-profiled Mask Recovery: the impact of Independent Component Analysis
by Si Gao, Elisabeth Oswald, Hua Chen, Wei Xi

How (not) to Use Welch’s T-test in Side-Channel Security Evaluations
by F-X. Standaert

Yet another size record for AES: A First-Order SCA Secure AES S-box based on GF(28) Multiplication
by Felix Wegener, Amir Moradi

Convolutional Neural Network based Side-Channel Attacks in Time-Frequency Representations
by G. Yang, H. Li, J. Ming, Y. Zhou

Jitter Estimation with High Accuracy forOscillator-Based TRNGs
by Shaofeng Zhu, Hua Chen, Linmin Fan, Meihui Chen, Wei Xi, Dengguo Feng

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