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- A Systematic Study of the Impact of Graphical Models on Inference-based Attacks on AES (J. Green, A. Roy, E. Oswald)

- An In-depth and Black-Box Characterization of the Effects of Laser Pulses on ATmega328P (D. Kumar S. V., A. Beckers, J. Balasch, B. Gierlichs, I. Verbauwhede)    

- Breaking all the Things - A Systematic Survey of Firmware Extraction and Modification Techniques for IoT Devices (S. Vasile, D. Oswald, T. Chotia)            

- Convolutional Neural Network based Side-Channel Attacks in Time-Frequency Representations (G. Yang, H. Li, J. Ming, Y. Zhou)    

- Electromagnetic Activity vs. Logical Activity : Near Field Scans for Reverse Engineering (M. Lacruche, P. Maurine)    

- Exploiting JCVM using forged references in the API calls (S. Volokitin)    

- How (not) to Use Welch's T-test in Side-Channel Security Evaluations (F.-X. Standaert)         

- Improving Side-channel Analysis through Semi-supervised Learning (S. Picak, A. Heuser, A. Jovic, A. Legay, K. Knezevic)    

- Jitter Estimation with High Accuracy for Oscillator-Based TRNGs (S. Zhu, H. Chen, L. Fan, M. Chen, W. Xi, D. Feng)

- Non-profiled Mask Recovery: the impact of Independent Component Analysis (S. Gao, E. Oswald, H. Chen, W. Xi)     

- Scalable Key Rank Estimation (and Key Enumeration) Algorithm for Large Keys (V. Grosso)             

- Shorter Messages and Faster Post-Quantum Encryption with Round5 on Cortex M (M.-J. Saarinen, S. Bhattacharya, O. Garcia-Morchon, R. Rietman, L. Tolhuizen, Z. Zhang)

- Yet Another Size Record for AES: A First-Order SCA Secure AES S-box Based on GF(2^8 ) Multiplication (F. Wegener, A. Moradi)                

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